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TD Africa offers free smartwatch for Infinix Smart TV purchase


TD Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading tech, lifestyle, and distribution giant, has rolled out a mouthwatering offer to reward shoppers with a smartwatch for every purchase of the 55-inch Infinix Smart TV.

The offer is available to shoppers via e-commerce giant, Konga while bulk buyers can take advantage of the offer by purchasing directly from TD Africa.

The Infinix Smart TV comes with an exciting range of features, including hotspot screen mirroring which allows viewers the freedom to mirror their mobile device to the TV screen, using mobile hotspot without consuming mobile data. The device also comes with air mouse technology, availing users the opportunity to deploy their smartphone as air cursor pointer to connect their TV device via Wi-Fi/hotspot.

Executive Director, Sales, TD Africa, David Okunola Akindele, says the offer is a great one for shoppers looking for a bargain.

“We are very excited to offer our numerous customers the opportunity to get a free smartwatch, once they purchase the strong and beautifully designed 55-inch Infinix Smart TV on Konga or from TD Africa directly, for bulk purchases. The Infinix Smart TV is designed with every sense of duty and responsibility to enable intelligent interactions between the TV and smartphone for the enjoyment of smart TV lovers.

“There is no better way to have a smart TV experience at a price that makes sense in the light of current realities. Then when you throw in the offer of a free smartwatch, you will agree with me that this is a win-win situation for consumers,’’ he disclosed.

Further highlighting the features of the Infinix Smart TV, Akindele, who described the device as cutting-edge, urged consumers to take advantage of the deal on offer.

“The Infinix Smart TV comes with an e-remote feature, which means that when the remote control is not readily accessible, you can control the TV with just a smartphone via Infinix Life App either to adjust the volume or seamlessly operate many other functions available on the device.

“The Infinix TV device also comes with exquisite craftsmanship, elegant and frameless design, which allows immersive wide viewing experience of TV anyone can think of. It also boasts of super-rich colours and deep contrasts opportunities, promoting a breathtaking viewing experience one can never forget.  The Infinix Smart TV comes with 20watts full-range speakers to promote the best and safe sound experience.

“There is also a Bluetooth feature, which is compatible with a variety of entertainment upgrades designed in such a way to enable consumers to connect their TV device with Bluetooth speaker, earphones and game controllers without hassles. When it comes to storage, this device also beats expectations. The electronic device has Read-Only Memory (ROM) 8G and 1.5G random-access memory (RAM) storage capacity. Therefore, the Infinix Smart TV is a new seamless way to enjoy media without stress.

‘‘Savvy shoppers are encouraged to seize this opportunity to grab the existing offer which is only valid as long as the stock remains available,’’ he concluded.

Interested shoppers can get the device with the offer of swift delivery on Konga by using the link: with the free smart watch accompanying the order.


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