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YouTube introduces new app, ‘YouTube Create’ for content creators

YouTube Create

Google’s video streaming Platform, YouTube, on Thursday introduced a new app for creators named ‘YouTube Create.’

YouTube said the new app offers video editing tools including precision editing and trimming, automatic captioning, voiceover capabilities and access to a library of filters, effects, transitions and royalty-free music with beat matching technology so that creators can produce their next YouTube video without relying on complex editing software. All this, right from their mobile phones.

The tool aims to address some of the challenges creators face, including the editing process and the ability to leverage creative tools, including things like stickers, GIFs and effects, among others. According to the company, the app was developed based on feedback from content creators on their challenges.

Anyone can now create

While noting that anyone can now create and share content with the new app, YouTube in a blog post announcing the app, said:

  • “We know the production process for videos can be difficult and often prevents that first-time creator from uploading their first video. To streamline this process and allow anyone to create and share videos right to YouTube, we’re launching a new mobile app called YouTube Create. Currently in beta on Android in select markets, YouTube Create is free of charge and designed to make video production for Shorts or longer videos simpler and easier so creators can spend more energy on things they find creatively rewarding.”

To use the tool, creators would add their clips, then choose from a range of editing tools to begin creating their video. With the app, they can do things like preview splits and trim their clips as they’re putting together a video. There are also thousands of stickers, GIFs, and a set of effects available within the app.

AI feature coming

YouTube said it would be testing a new experimental feature called Dream Screen later this year. It said this feature will allow creators to create AI-generated video or image backgrounds to their Shorts simply by typing an idea into a prompt.

  • “Ever wish you were filming in outer space? Trekking through an enchanted forest? Dreamt that your pug drove you to school? With Dream Screen, creators will be able to generate new, fantastic settings for their Shorts that are only limited by what they can imagine. We'll start to introduce Dream Screen to select creators before we roll out more broadly next year.
  • “In the future, we’ll expand to features that will allow anyone to instantly reimagine their videos by simply typing in an idea to edit their content or remix existing YouTube videos and turn them into something entirely new,” the company stated.



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