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Vivo partners with TD Africa on new devices

Multinational technology company, Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd. has partnered with TD Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading tech, lifestyle and solutions distributor, to position its range of fault-proof smartphones for the Nigerian market.

As part of the collaboration agreement inked by both companies, TD Africa will distribute Vivo’s range of cutting-edge device to its growing network of partners across Nigeria and beyond.

Vivo smartphone comes in different models and colours. However, a major differentiating factor for the Vivo brand of smartphones is their durability and capability to withstand pressure significantly better than other smartphone brands. Business Manager, Vivo at TD Africa, Mr. Olufemi Adediran, highlighted the unique features that distinguish the Vivo brand in the marketplace, even as he noted that the devices appeal to a wide segment of users.

Among the models available at TD Africa is the Y1s, Y12s, Y20, Y20s, among others, with most models of the device equipped with 5000mAh 18W,13 MP rear and 8MP front cameral, 8+128 extended RAM and Sm4250 Snapdragon 461 chipset.

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“Vivo smartphones are designed with the Nigerian environment in mind.  The device is very rugged. Unlike some budget phones, which usually develop faults as soon as they hit a hard surface, Vivo smartphones are designed to endure the pain of sudden fall. Therefore, you will hardly see a Vivo smartphone developing a fault because it hits a hard surface or ground,’’ Adediran said.

Further, Adeniran revealed that TD Africa and Vivo have put in place stress-free warranty and replacement policies for resellers and end-users in line with the determination to offer customers more value.

“We have a very interesting warranty and replacement policies for Vivo smartphones. Therefore, resellers and consumers have no need to worry on how to replace their smart devices, in case there is a need. We are, however, certain that with the level of efforts that was put into the design and production of the device, there would hardly be a need for anyone to pursue warranty and replacement policies with us,” Adeniran stated.

Vivo smartphones run on the OriginOS operating system (OS). The operating system is centered on three frontiers based: design, smoothness and convenience.

“It is imperative to add that Vivo has series of comprehensive software updates that allow users to run complex multi-faceted processes on the device in an effortless manner. In addition, the device is equipped with an advanced desktop information management system, which provides users with convenience and clarity in the services they desire on a day to day basis,’’ Adeniran stated.

Also, he disclosed that the device packs a battery lifespan of over 48 hours, when fully charged.

“This is heartwarming, as it will help to reduce the need for constant charge for customers. This, will, on the long-run, extend the battery life in particular and the device lifespan in general,’’ he noted.

In addition, Adediran referred potential enquiries on bulk purchases to TD Africa on 09029174191, 09070002697 or 09070002683.

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