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TD Africa partners Infinix to roll out Notebooks

TD Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading tech, lifestyle and solutions distributor, has partnered exclusively with foremost Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Infinix to roll out the all-new ultra-light Infinix INBook, a brand of Notebooks designed to perform demanding and heavy tasks with minimal ease.

The cutting-edge devices are exclusively distributed by TD Africa, the sub-region’s leading distribution giant.

The Infinix INBook is built with precision to make work and play pleasurable for every user. Made from premium aircraft-level aluminum materials, the laptop weighs on the average 1.48kg, making it the most portable laptop with the topmost functionality available in the market. Already, surging demands for the device among potential users are being met at the Tech Experience Centre, Africa’s cutting-edge technology and lifestyle hub located at Idowu Martins, Victoria, Island, Lagos, with bulk orders being handled at TD Africa, with special deals on offer.

Business Manager, Infinix at TD Africa, Mr. Chinazam Ehiemere, explained that the device comes equipped with super-fast speed functionality through its Wi-Fi 6 speeds, adding that the INBook X1 Pro has Intel®IRIS Plus graphics, making its performance a fun-filled one for all categories of users. Further, he revealed that the device boasts a crisp webcam for sharp and focused video conferencing, coupled with two arrays of premium digital microphones that allow consumers to communicate clearly in all environments.

“It is imperative to add that this webcam is security sensitive, as it can be fully shut down by consumers for extra privacy and to avoid the prying eyes of possible hackers,” Ehiemere said.

The laptop is available in multiple attractive colours, such as noble red, elves green, starfall grey and elegant black.

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In addition, Ehiemere disclosed that the Infinix INBook is furnished with 180-degree folding functionality so that it can be folded flat or half way to reduce rays, and protect consumer’s eyes from any possible discomfort that may result from prolong exposure to rays emanating from the screen.

“You can see that the laptop is made with the health of the consumer in mind,” he enthused.

Also, the INBook X1 Pro is equipped with ice storm cooling technology with military-grade air ducts, which keeps the machine cool and quiet when gaming, working and consuming any other media, even as its long battery life represents another major selling point.

“The beauty of this functionality is that it prevents an unfortunate situation where the laptop could be engulfed with fire, possibly because of heat,’’ Ehiemere said. ‘‘Some consumers must have experienced a situation where their laptop combusted due to heat. Such a situation usually arises when a laptop is not protected with adequate cooling system. However, with the INBook X1 Pro, the consumer has no need to worry about the possibility of having laptop-generated heat. It, therefore, means that they will never have issues placing this laptop on their legs for either work or play. When we say that this laptop was designed with comfort and safety in mind, this is what we mean.

“The battery life span of the laptop is especially suitable for long-term reading, typing, graphic work, video editing, photo editing, gaming and movie purposes,” he stated.

Stacked with one of the most effective adapter technologies available, the laptop is designed to charge up to 70 per cent within an hour.

“Aside the ability to have quick response charge, it is vital to add that the INBook X1 comes with Infinix Smart Management System, which allows the laptop to cut down power consumption in different scenarios. This is done to give consumers that extra comfort they need so that they will not have any need to be charging their laptops than necessary, thus prolonging the lifespan of the batteries in particular and the laptop in general.”

The INBook X1 is also equipped with InSync screen functionality which aids seamless wireless projections by enabling consumers to synchronise with other laptops, televisions and smartphones. It is also furnished with multiple ports such as micro SD, USB, Type C charging points, HDMI, among others to accommodate personal and business requirements of every laptop consumer.

Ehiemere explained that type C charger is fully optimised to work with both Infinix laptops and smartphones so that the consumer will only need to take one along anywhere.

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