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Samsung partners with NDHAL on consumer electronics assembly plant in Nigeria

Samsung Assembly plant Nigeria

Samsung Electronics West Africa, a subsidiary of South Korean multinational appliance and consumer electronics company, has announced a partnership with the New Home Distribution (Africa) Limited (NHDAL) towards the assembly of Consumer Electronics (CE) products in Nigeria.

The partnership between Samsung and NHDAL was sealed at a ceremony in Lagos on Thursday, March 07, 2024, which will increase accessibility for Samsung televisions, refrigerators, and air conditioners through a reduction in cost per unit and increased distribution channels.

Sunki Kim, Business Manager, Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung Electronics West Africa, said the company was motivated to go into the partnership due to its emphasis on quality and reliability, consistently delivering products that meet high standards and exceed customer expectations.

“Samsung has implemented rigorous quality control measures throughout its manufacturing processes to ensure that each product meets the highest level of performance and durability. This commitment to quality has not only earned Samsung a loyal customer base but has also helped establish its reputation as a trusted brand in the Nigerian market. We found NHDAL as reliable partners to bring these qualities to our customers.

“By leveraging its expertise in various sectors, Samsung has been able to create a diverse portfolio of products and services that cater to a wide range of customer needs, including those in Nigeria.

Also speaking, Ajay David head, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics West Africa, said that the company has expanded its geographical presence, establishing a strong global footprint.

“By forming a strategic partnership with NDHAL, Samsung will be able to tap into new customer bases and gain a competitive edge. We also want to ensure our customers get our products when they want them, how they want them, without delays. We trust NDHAL as a partner to assist in making that happen.

Speaking on Samsung’s innovation and how the partnership will impact the consumer market in Nigeria, Chika Nnadozie, head of marketing, Samsung Electronics West Africa said:

“As you are aware, Samsung has been at the forefront of innovation. We have continuously pushed the boundaries of technology by introducing groundbreaking features and advancements in our products. By investing substantial resources in research and development, Samsung has been able to stay ahead of the competition and capture a significant market share.

“Samsung's commitment to innovation is evident in our product range, ranging from mobile devices and home appliances to digital displays and semiconductors. Samsung has a track record of introducing cutting-edge technologies, such as curved displays, foldable smartphones, and high-performance processors. These innovations not only enhance the user experience but also differentiate Samsung's products from competitors in the market.”

Nnadozie said that understanding the current plight of consumers due to the difficult economic times the country is facing, Samsung is continually making efforts to lighten this burden.

“One of such efforts is this partnership which will enable consumers to purchase Samsung consumer electronic products at an average of 15% off the previous prices.

The assembly line and distribution network afforded by the NHDAL will allow for significant cost reductions involved in the movement of Samsung electronics from the production point to retail stores resulting in this notable cost savings on the consumers’ end”, she added.

Established in 2003, the NHDAL is one of the top distributors in the consumer electronics channel with extensive market reach and penetration.

According to Maneesh Nanda, the managing director, NHDAL, apart from the factory assembly line, they also have their branded stores for distribution across Nigeria.

“This partnership between Samsung and NHDAL will increase accessibility for Samsung TVs, REFs, and ACs through a reduction in cost per unit and increased distribution channels. We are happy to be part of the initiative to ensure Nigerians get value for the products in a cost-effective manner.

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